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The Bible Says So

"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works." Hebrews 10:24

The last few years I have struggled with the balance of completing good works and resting in the truth that there is nothing I can do to achieve my salvation. It is one of those unique both/ands that no one can establish for you, but must be wrestled out personally in relationship with Jesus.

Truth number 1: Jesus death on the cross means there is no act I can complete to establish my relationship with Him, His love for me, or achieve my life in eternity. Jesus accomplished forever means I can rest in His love.

Truth number 2: I am so underserving of Jesus love for me and see it as such a beautiful gift that my heart desires to worship Him by living out my days on earth loving others well. Though I know that these acts do not necessitate more love or more "crowns in heaven," I know that through loving others, God is honored, and I am changed.

Without those two truths, the working out of my own salvation for my own glory creates my own savior mentality that not only hurts me, but also hurts anyone I desire to love. It is exhausting to chase a hierarchy of sainthood that is not at all a part of God's Kingdom, nor can be accomplished due to our sinful human nature.

So when God calls us in Hebrews to motivate others to acts of love and good works, it can only be done after these truths have been established in our heart. Not heard or understood, but established as an anchor for the way we serve and love.

If there is one thing our current world does not need it is more "christian" saviors promoting themselves for accolades of accomplishment, which attempts to steal the glory from God. I can only speak so boldly because I know it so well. To repent of the sin of "doing good" for my own admiration and accepting the pain that inflicted on others has brought me to tears many times.

But, if there is one thing our world could really use right now - it is people who love and believe in the promises of Jesus to motivate one another to keep on with acts of love and good works. There is no shortage of marinalized, poor, sick, outcast, and downtrodden people in our communities.

There is no shortage of opportunity to love well.

Maybe these are words we take literally every. single. day.

Motivate one another to acts of love. The Bible says so.

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