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Be bold and encourage a friend - I think they need it

Social media can be an exhausting beast and I am sure you already know that. I have this love-hate relationship with social media as it relates to blogging and getting the message out that Daly and I feel is so important at The Fronchard. I know that the bigger the platform, the more readers, the more impact – but every time I look into building a platform I want to crawl in a hole. It’s exhausting, the rules are always changing and to be honest, I don’t have the desire to put the work into it. The question then becomes – who are the readers and is there a worthwhile impact?

Last week I was in Mexico for a conference – I know, rough life right? Move to Seattle and there is a conference in Mexico in Novemeber (sign me up!). I was there with a group of local coordinators from around the US who all place exchange students. Over the last 5 years I have traveled the world (quite literally) with this group and have the opportunity to see them once a year at this meeting. Other than following each other on social media we rarely interact during the year, but through shared experiences we have built a solid foundation of friendship. All that to say my writing world and local coordinator role are not in the same realm of my life.

But during my time at this meeting I experienced the greatest and kindest encouragement. Two women on different evenings intentionally sought me out to tell me they read our blogs at The Fronchard, sent them to friends and were encouraged and inspired. My heart nearly burst, but maybe not for the reason you are thinking.

Yes, it always feels good to receive praise, but it was a beautiful reminder to me that our impact will never meet our eyes this side of heaven. If there is even a chance someone could read my words and realize that the God of the universe loves them, that they do not have to have it all together or figured out to be loved, that they are not expected to survive this messy life alone, or that there is hope beyond what this world offers – then I will continue on. There is work to be done and though at times social media would have me believe my efforts are in vain – simple reminders encourage me that God will use what I offer to impact His Kingdom.

And He will do the same for you.

God will use the gifts you offer to Him to impact His Kingdom. Though at times we feel defeated, God is honored by what we offer up to Him as sacrifice and what we humbly lay at His feet.

I don’t share this little story to receive accolades. Honestly, what I received from those two friends as they looked in my eyes and encouraged me was all I needed to be reminded that the reason I continue on is because God gave me a mission and I responded. Everything else is up to Him. All the glory is His.

But I would encourage you to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit because you could easily be that encouragement to someone else who feels their efforts are futile. A simple sentence that says, “I see what you are doing and your gifts impact me” are the greatest blessing to someone’s heart. I promise if you feel in your heart a challenge to encourage someone, they probably need it more than you realize. Remember a few weeks ago we talked about the importance of spuring one another on in love? This is that moment. Find someone to spur on – the world is needing more people on mission to share His love!

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