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Advent: The Great Waiting

(a poem for the waiting)

I am waiting.

I am expecting.

I am watching.

I am hearing.

I am seeking.

I am dreaming.

I am believing.

I am laughing.

I am rejoicing.

I am pondering.

I am hoping...or at least trying to hope.

I am praying.

I am going.

I am fleeing.

I am making do with where I am.

I am asking.

I am traveling far...

in my mind...

and in my heart.

I am considering illogical answers presented in unpredictable ways.

I am making space within the deepest places of my soul

for the arrival of something new.

I am letting God be God.

I am letting go of what I think should be.

I am bringing gifts.

I am bowing down.

I am worshipping.

I am singing.

I am returning by a different path.

I am finding unexpected places.

I am entering that rest.

I am me and You are All I could ever need.

There is no more than You, and everything else is less.

This is Advent.

You have come.

You will come.

You are still, always, forever, and continually coming near...

In Your way.

In Your time.

In Your grace.

In Your beauty.

In Your meekness.


God be with me.

I am expectantly waiting.

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