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The Fronchard

The Fronchard is our virtual neighborhood where we gather to share our lives through writing and conversations with genuine relational vulnerability; inviting others to join our circle.

How it all began. and what it's all about:

It's great to meet you!


Daly Schmidt

Daly is self-described as "powerfully introverted" (although no one believes her).  Being raised in Memphis, TN created a squall'r of a woman: a little bit creative and a little bit practical - topped off with a heapin' spoonful of southern sass.  


If Daly had not married her highschool sweetheart, she would have become an archeologist. Three kids later, and she sometimes threatens to run off to excavate something old and cool.  She enjoys painting, reading, drinking coffee, writing, and generally just being with the people she loves. 


Daly's favorite part of life is watching another person becoming who they are meant to be. Some people call this vocation a "Life Coach", but Daly just considers it being a friend. 


Daly and Melissa

From 2014-2017 Daly and Melissa lived across the street from each other in a small community outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  They met in their “fronchards” as their kids played together..  Many late afternoons were spent standing on the sidewalk getting to know one another. Their favorite story during this time as neighbors is "The Couch Story".  (You can hear all about that below.)


After Daly moved to Memphis and Melissa moved to Seattle, the two friends used Voxer (a communication app), putting in long hours of intentional relationship. 


Daly and Melissa hope you will join them in here in the The (virtual) Fronchard as they engage in intentionally authentic conversations and dive into challenging topics. Both Daly and Melissa love Jesus passionately and pray that their message both challenges and inspires deeper relationships with God and with others. 


Melissa Jackson

Melissa is an extravert with a newfound appreciation for solitude post pandemic. One of her favorite Saturday activities is a two mile walk into their little town for a vanilla latte. She loves exploring and traveling and is always up for an adventure.  She loves people fiercely and enjoys a steady stream of visitors in their home for a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or for a long weekend. She is married to her college sweetheart, L.D. and lives in Seattle, Washington with their four children. 


Melissa is passionate about both writing and having intentional relationships.  The Fronchard combines those two passions and Melissa is thrilled to be on this journey with her soul friend, Daly.

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